valvulas enThe state-of-the-art excellence in dimensioning, design and manufacturing of special valves for the most diverse processes, applications and severe conditions such as high temperatures and tightness requirements. ASVOTEC reached along its wide experience the parameters for meeting all the activity branches where quality and durability are the main focus while still being competitive in the commercial area.

The Business Unit Special Valves includes the following equipment lines: Gate valves, butterfly valves, louver valves, goggle valves and conduit valves, bleeder, with relief and equalization, among others. The diameters of ASVOTEC's valves have from 6” to 170“/ from 150 mm to 4.500 mm, depending on the model.

ASVOTEC's valves are present in several refineries, steel mills, gas treatment units, chemical and petrochemical plants, fertilizer plants, mining, paper and cellulose, among others.