ASVOTEC TERMOINDUSTRIAL LTDA is a Brazilian equipment manufacturer, founded in 1965, with headquarters in the city of São Paulo and fabrication facility in the city Monte Mor, São Paulo, Brazil. Since its foundation, ASVOTEC has been developing, designing and fabricating a wide range of equipments and assemblies, as well as working as a licensee of international leading companies in their respective fields of application.

ASVOTEC has always been committed to utilize modern technology in the fabrication of its equipment and the experience of its licensors to excel in performance and quality. Throughout its history ASVOTEC has fabricated equipments that are operating in the most modern petrochemical, oil & gas, chemical, steel and cement plants, among others. Main equipments are: Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Process Columns, Reactors, Fired Heaters, Burners, Flare Systems, Incineration Systems, Industrial and Special Valves, Tube Couplings, etc. All in carbon steel and stainless steel.



Our engineering is committed to designing competitive products with state-of-the-art technology, as a result of many years of research and development. We are totally able to meet all project requirements of our customers by our experienced technical team or external consultants who are experienced in several segments. Our team is permanently in training for improving and updating on the latest novelties of market.

Thermal Projects: As member of the Heat Transfer Research Inc. (HTRI) ASVOTEC has been utilizing the latest software for thermal calculation of heat exchangers, air cooler, fired heaters and process furnaces, amongst others.

Mechanical Projects: ASVOTEC develops its engineering projects utilizing modern software for mechanical calculation and 2D and 3D-manufacturing drawings, ensuring safety and reliability for the installation and operation of the equipment.

Instrumentation and Automation Projects: They are developed for implementation and modernization of systems, enhancing control and automation of the equipment and the industrial processes they are installed in.

Special Projects: ASVOTEC is also the ideal partner for special projects. ASVOTEC has the experience and the necessary resources for the development and execution of the project, from engineering and manufacturing until the final erection.

Partnership: We have partnerships for technical co-operation with international leading companies with worldwide proven technologies.



ASVOTEC’s industrial installations are provided of modern processing equipment and experienced professionals. The integration of Costing, Planning, Engineering and Manufacturing ensures the effectiveness and quality of ASVOTEC’S products, always with the help of modern information technology resources and also the continuous audits of the Quality Certifications.

ASVOTEC’s industrial facility is equipped with highly accurate machines operated by computerized numerical control (CNC), cutting machines and mechanical forming, welding machines, thermal treatment furnace, jet blast for surface cleaning and painting booth, tool workshop, cranes and other equipment for loading and handling.



ASVOTEC implemented the Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2008, covering all areas, according to the stringent procedures whose results are recognized by international accreditation organizations. ASVOTEC’s Quality Management System has resources and the necessary application techniques for achievement of the most advanced methods for the total quality management. ASVOTEC hat also implemented the integrated Quality Management System with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, which certifications are pending.



Each taken order receives an individual treatment, whereas its physical and financial progress is monitored and controlled by means of high-level professionals and computerized routines, in order to ensure the punctuality of established deadlines and provision of consistent and quick information about the product status at any time.



ASVOTEC provides its customers with a specialized technical assistance and assembly for its product lines, having a specific department for technical assistance, providing agility and readiness in the execution of the projects. We focus our activities in the individual adjustments and solutions, support services and consulting, and these became a synonym of tradition and culture in our company. We are present starting from the Sales until the Delivery of our products, participating effectively in the project, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning, start-up, training and providing documentation and handbooks as needed for each related “After-Sales” activity. We provide integrated solutions of constructive engineering with supervision, management, planning and execution of electromechanical works, maintenance, reform and modernization of our products.